Eat All You Want Diet For Sports Persons


Have you seen those sports persons excelling in their own field? They make it so easy and effortless while doing half of what they do would require most of us ordinary people to rest for days on end. How do they do it? Is it just training? Where do they get all that never ending energy from? Must definitely be a special diet that keeps a close tab on what they eat right? for more excellent recipes one must keep themselves updated.
No! There is more freedom to their food choices than restrictions. Active sports persons load up on their carbs and proteins to ensure their body is fuelled enough to meet all those high energy demands during the event.  Here are some of the dietary requirements for a sports person.

Load Up On Those Carbs:
Cutting down on carbs may be an age old adage to reducing weight and looking lean and trim, but when it comes to sports, you need a healthy dosage of those most coveted carbs to keep your body moving.
Athletes and swimmers burn a lot of energy when they go all out in an event. Swimming is the most effective exercise to help your body lose that unwanted weight and get fit without injury. When you swim, your body burns a lot of calories and hence you feel famished after a good swim. This is because, your entire body is worked and all your muscles are starved.
Unlike other sports where you see the players much on some energy or protein bars before they go out and play, swimmers will load on their carbs. This is simply because, the body requires complex carbs rather than simple carbs, to ensure it has a steady flow of energy. When you swim, you don’t realise how much calories your body is burning off because it doesn’t tire you or drain you out like other sports.
So, the next time you assume a top swimmer like Michael Phelps has a controlled diet to help him bag those golds, remember he eats a lot of healthy carbs that fuel his body and help him to keep going in for one gold after the other. Junk food is not your enemy when you need a steady dosage of carbs to fuel your body.

Fat Is Not Your Enemy
When you are active in sports, you must be well aware that you need not avoid fat like any regular person. Sports persons burn a large amount of calories and these cannot be met by just lean proteins and fibre from fruits and vegetables. Your body requires a balanced dosage of carbs, fat, protein and other nutrients for optimal functioning.
Fatty foods such as pizza, pastas, burgers and fries are never shunned by sports persons. This is because, their active bodies burn it all off and require more to ensure they do not suffer a burn out or hinder their performance. Fat takes more time to burn and this ensures your body have a steady flow of energy to keep it going.
When your exercise regime requires long hours of workouts like hiking, cycling or long distance running and swimming, a good amount of fat is a must in your diet to ensure your body has a steady influx of energy.

Protein Repairs
Protein is a favourite component for anyone who is conscious of their food intake. Since protein does not increase your cholesterol or cause to gain weight, people are more open towards eating a protein rich diet.
Protein helps in repairing your muscles. When you work out hard or lift weights, you muscles suffer tearing. This is what makes them stronger and bigger. Hence your diet needs to be rich in protein to ensure your body has enough energy to repair itself.
However, unlike your regular diets that aim at reducing weight, when you are a sports person, you don’t require just proteins. It should be consumed in addition to carbohydrates and fat. Ensure your diet is not over loaded with proteins as they can be easily burnt and hence your body will get tired more easily.

Diet is important for everyone. What one has to understand is, different bodies have different needs and a sports person’s body requires everything in moderation. When you are actively into sports, you diet differs from the diet of a less active person, simply because your body has more needs than theirs.